The weigh scales in your bathroom may not be the best way to monitor weight loss.

We have all tried to lose weight at some times in our lives and we all thought that, to monitor any loss we achieve, we used the bathroom scales.

Well, on their own they may not bee the best way to monitor weight loss.

You see, most people try and lose weight to ‘look’ better. They see themselves in a mirror and say to themselves, “gosh, I look fat” or “ I think I’m getting a spare tyre” or something like that.
So, a pledge to lose weight is made so we can get rid of the wobbly bits that we don’t want. So, as part of our way to monitor any loss of weight (or should I say fat) we should use a visual indicator as well as the scales. Make a plan to weigh yourself, say, once a week (any more regularly would not necessarily show the true picture) and every 2 weeks or so you should stand in front of the mirror to see if you look different. Has that belly gone down any? Has the spare tyre shrunk?

Watch the weight come off

Look great over time

By adding this visual aspect to the way you monitor your journey to your ideal look or weight, you can see, on a regular basis, if the effort your putting into the gym or extra exercise is working. After all, your weight is influenced by the water in your body and, as this fluctuates during the day, weighing yourself may not give you a true picture of your progress.
Keeping a visual record of your progress can be a great motivator as well, as long as you don’t try to cheat yourself by pulling in your belly!

Think of it like this; If your friends noticed you have a more slender body or had a better shape they are going to comment on this, saying how great you look right?. I don’t think they would ask if you stood on the scales this morning, would they?

If you set a goal to get yourself looking leaner, slimmer or whatever, make a plan to not only keep a weight record weekly but a visual record every 2 weeks or so. Write a diary and say if you do look more slender, measure yourself if you are not sure, did you lose and inch from your middle or not?

You lost how much?

Great weight loss

By doing this and keeping your records up to date, each time you weight and look at yourself, you’ll not only show progress (or lack of so you can re asses your strategy) but You can be sure the results will motivate you to keep on going and reach your goal.

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