Workout and never give up

while I was in the gym today (Sunday) I thought about some people who were there but didn’t seem to be actually doing much. a thought crossed my mind and I wondered if these other people will be any closer to their goals, with regard to physique, body shape and muscle mass, in 6 Months time than I will be given I doi a full workout and don’t really stop, despite some pain at times, until I’ve completed all I have to do? I’d say no, but I don’t know their goals or expectations but I know it takes effort and focused determination to reach any goal, no matter what it is. So, If you are already mentally faltering with regard to your goals and your New year resolutions, think of the end target and keep the determination you had on day 1. Then, be determined to keep that drive until you reach the goal. Only by doing this, no matter how hard it can be at times, will you reach your goal, have the body you want and be proud of what you have made yourself become.
If you want to have a partner, who will get you to your goals, you could do worse than going to